maandag 27 december 2010

Jesper is a student, studying Arabic languages & culture at the Leiden University and mostly working as a cashier. He loves to draw and to travel through the Middle-East. He's definitely an interessting person but what him really special makes is his very own clothing style, as a matter of fact he designs his own shirts! Most of all Arabic inspired, I thought it is so cool that it is definitely reason enough for a interview!

Where does your interests in the Arabic language come from?
Well, I’ve always had an strong interest in history and other languages. My grandpa has worked for Shell in Abu Dhabi and he told me stories about the country and people. Then I saw a movie with Arabic actors and talked about it with a girl from my school class about what they where saying in the movie and then I asked how to write my name in Arabic, so I could use it in my drawings. So then I made my first shirt with my name in Arabic. I’ve learned the Arabic alphabet, bought Arabic little books and so it was obviously choice for me to study Arabic language & culture.

So you also make drawings?
I usually did, but nowadays I don’t have the time for it. The things I’ve put on my website and some calligraphy, because it’s quick to make and you can make a lot with it, just some fineliner and some pencils with turpentine to give some colour.

Do you get a lot of comments on you shirts?
With good weather in the summer in Holland (when I don’t wear a coat) I do get a lot of comments and people who wanna make a conversation with you. Also outside the country, when I travel I get dumbs up from people who like my shirts.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve experienced?
I can’t remember any strange or weird reactions. It’s sometimes funny how girls in Egypt for example flirt with me and try to make contact on base of my shirt.

What’s your favourite shirt?
I don’t have any favourite. Every shirt is fun for other occasions or country. In Egypt I love to wear my shirt with “Masr umm id-dunya” on it, or my Lebanon shirt with a heart and country flag. Also my Damascus shirt with a heart (ana ish-shaam) I like a lot.

Do you also get requests from others?
Sometimes, but not really. I do get asked by Lebanese people or they can use my calligraphy drawing for a site or something. Or from an Palestine organisation to use a drawing in big format for something. At one day at “Koninginnenacht” I’ve made a shirt with queen Beatrix on it, people where very enthusiastic about it that I’ve printed some extra en sold them. But that’s not my goal. I’m doing it for fun, I love the attention and unexpected conversations with people. I do get a lot of nice comments and sometimes it really open doors for you.

So you don’t have any plans for the future, starting your own clothing line or something?
No, not really. But maybe, some day I’ll could open something like an online store.

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  1. haha dank je wel =) Zullen we elkaar gaan volgen ? Ik vind jouw blog ook leuk namelijk =D

    Lots of love, Lisette

  2. Wel mooii allemaal. Je hebt een nieuwe volger erbij :))

  3. Hello my dear! thank you for your interest in my blog it means to much! and I also love your blog!!