zondag 2 januari 2011

Caftans 2011.

First of all, happy new year to everyone! Many thanks for my faithfull followers who read my blog and post comments, i really appreciate every comment and i always try to respond, write something back!

So a new year, means new fashiontrends and new dresses to make! Every year when January arrives, we (well actually my parents) start searching for the cheapest (offcourse)fly tickets for our vacation to Morocco. And when we've definitely booked our vacation and i've noted down the date in my diary.. the stress begins to find the perfect fabric, with the perfect color, a perfect takshita/caftan design for the perfect dress! So i'm kicking off my first 2011 blogpost with some inspiration pictures from the Morocco Premium Magazine of the December issue.

* Click to enlarge pictures.

Do you already have your perfect dress in mind?
Tell or show us your favourite of 2011!

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