donderdag 6 januari 2011

It's almost so far! 23 January 2011 is in a few weeks. Who doesn't have passion for Caftan? The event you can't miss! Passion for Caftan is the Haute Couture show for international designers all over the worlds to show their collection. It represent big names like as Amine Mrani, Frederique Birkemeyer, Ahmed Bel Hassani, Zahra Yaagoubi, Abdelhanine Raouh, Nabil Dahani, Choumicha Afkir, Kenza Mrani, Dounia Taibi and much more …

Passion for Caftan has allowed the characteristics of the Haute Couture shows and wants especially the exclusivity, the passion and the excellence as his performance. Passion for Caftan wants to pursue the 'summit of fashion with his Haute Couture Fashion Show.

The Haute Couture is mainly located in cities as Paris, Milan, London and New York. In the rest of the world there are still many scenes, at a high level of haute couture but they are not as in the spotlights and often based very locally.
With Passion for Caftan the Western and Arab haute couture will be highlighted. The Arab trends has clearly made its way into the street, Western fashion finished with a Arab touch.

So why not expanding on this new trend and combine the Arab and Western fashion. By this way the indigenous will understand the values and norms of the Arab Haute Couture that high standard is for the North African population, and conversely shows the immigrant the values and standards of the Belgian and European Haute Couture know.

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